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Category Management Solutions (CMS4CPG) levels the playing field between natural and mainstream retailers and manufacturers.  We are the great equalizer between small and the most sophisticated larger CPG companies interested in gaining a significant competitive advantage.  

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Daniel Lohman, CPSA is an expert in the organic and natural CPG industry with more than 25 years experience. He is certified at the highest level of category management proficiency: Certified Professional Strategic Advisor. 


Daniel is a trusted and respected member of the natural community. He serves on the CircleUp advisory board, as a next mentor, and is a regular Natural Products EXPO speaker. He is also an internationally published author whose articles appear in Supermarket News, The Natural Food Merchandiser, New Hope 360, next, World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standards, and LOHAS (his “What You Need To Know” articles are available at: WWW.CMS4CPG.COM). He published the Strategic Solutions And Guide To Grow Your Natural Business.  He also recently wrote a chapter for Bob Burke’s Natural Products Field Manual 

While at Kimberly-Clark, Unilever and SPINS, Daniel was responsible for mentoring, growing sales, and teaching category management theory and principles. He has worked with and supported hundreds of natural and conventional manufacturers, retailers and brokers. His extensive knowledge and expertise reaches beyond traditional category management and has earned him recognition throughout the industry as a thought leader. 

His company, Category Management Solutions (CMS4CPG), provides innovative strategic solutions for companies interested in gaining a significant competitive advantage with actionable insights. Daniel assists companies in expanding their retail distribution and improving their merchandising.  

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